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About A. Timotea Barha

Hi, I'm Timotea!

I was born in Istanbul, Turkey; when I was in middle school, I moved to Spain. 

Living in Europe and travelling at every opportunity, before long, I had packed my backpack and was travelling through South East Asia.

Sustainable travel became our thing, allowing us to see the world from another perspective. We travelled to give, worked with communities on conservation, providing education whilst working towards the better distribution of resources.

I documented anonymously and loved the creative outlet for a few years as a teenager.

Fast forward to 10th grade and the rest of my teenage years, being somewhere in my 15th country, I realised that I had enough experience and knowledge to share with others. 

My parents taught me to seek adventure in my everyday life and work hard for the big adventures I wanted to have, so this official page appeared. Like my parents, I wanted to help my peers look on the brighter side and inspire them to be the change they wanted to see.

The following year was a whirlwind of travelling and studying for my finals before I heading off to university, 

I continued to develop my love for travel, creating and uploading project content on our family initiative website and personal page, sharing it whilst feeling proud of my final results.

Here, you will find the thoughts surrounding our goodwill projects, my role within The Ubuntu Family Initiative, and tips on how to take action for the causes close to your heart. 

My latest projects
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