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Our Campaigns

South America Campaign 2024 

Scheduled for April 24.

South Asia Campaign 2023

Having covered Africa, South East Asia and South America, India had to become part of our story, so just as I graduate from High School and leave home we are taking one last leap and have it Scheduled for April 2023. 

Why we are there

In India, children struggle with poverty, and lack of educational resources,

30% of the world’s extremely poor children live in India

Each year, 1.4 million children in India die before their 5th birthday

Nearly 25% of children have no access to education

4% of children are stunted and suffering from malnutrition

Child labor persists within the country, keeping school-age children from going to school

Children from rural areas, urbans slums, scheduled castes, and tribal communities often suffer
from malnutrition, access to quality health services, child marriage, lack of sanitation
facilities, hygiene, and access to improved water. 


"The country has 18 percent of the world’s population, but only 4 percent of its water resources, making it among the most water-stressed in the world. A large number of Indians face high to extreme water stress" The Work Bank

How is our initiative helping with education, water & sanitation across India?

Providing School supplies and basic needs

whilst Supporting education, 

Supporting Water and Sanitation projects throughout Schools,


and by Distributing Water Filters.

Please visit The Ubuntu Family Initiative project page for more details on the work we will be accomplishing with the the Corp India Community Outreach organisation for the Thane  children of Mumbai, the possibilities we hope to support with Shambali in Rajasthan, the Fundraising on the occasion of  World Water Day for Water Aid India, and the basic needs and the Water Filters distributions we will be doing.

East Africa Campaign 2023 

On the occasion of International Youth day, and the youth lead movement,

statistics show,


Half of the people on our planet are 30 or younger, and this is expected to reach 57% by the end of 2030.


Survey shows that 67% of people believe in a better future, with 15 to 17 year-olds being the most optimistic about this.

Why we are there 

"With a median age of 18 years in Tanzania, children represent a large majority of its population who faces tremendous challenges and are directly affected by poverty and essential children rights being violated such as the right to education." 

How is our initiative helping with education in Tanzania?

Providing School supplies and basic needs

whilst Supporting education, ​

Please visit The Ubuntu Family Initiative project page for more details on the work we accomplished in the Mto Wa Mbu village Community and the Fundraising for International Youth Day for The Tanzanian Childrens Fund.

South America Campaign 2022

It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.

Africa was a turning point for our family, we returned from our campaign hearts full, for all our perseverance over time and distance had nurtured us into a greater family away from home.

Encouraged by the success of our fundraiser and hard work we look forward to expanding our  reach to Peru over the summer of 2022.

Why we are there 

"Over 50% of the worlds biodiversity is found in the Rainforests, and over 80.000 of rainforest disappear each day.

More than 50% of our world’s tropical forests have been lost to rampant deforestation for logging, mining and agriculture.Habitat relied upon by countless species are being wiped out whilst the homes and livelihoods of millions of Indigenous communities are being threatened. With Deforestation millions of tons of stored carbon are released, disrupting our already fragile climate. Healthy rainforests are critical to a healthy planet." The Rainforest Trust 


"There is a 6 percent gap in literacy rates between genders in Peru. An estimated 97.2 percent of males 15 years and older can read and write, while 91.2 percent of females 15 and older are literate. While this difference is not huge, it is still significant.With 45 percent, and still rising, of the population under 25 years old, Peru’s education system is faltering.Of Peru’s  31 million citizens, 22.7 percent live below the poverty line; that’s more than seven million people in less than liveable conditions creating more obstacles for girls wanting to go to school."The Borgen Project

How is our initiative helping with education, water & sanitation and conservation across Kenya?

Providing School supplies and basic needs

whilst Supporting education, 

Distributing Water Filters,

Contributing towards the protection of the Amazons keystone species,

And the Protection of extraordinary places.

Please visit The Ubuntu Family Initiative project page for more details on the work we will be accomplishing with the Peruvian Volunteers organisation for the Market children of Cusco, the Fundraising on the occasion of  World Environment Day for the Rainforest Trust, the basic needs distributions and the Water Filters project we will be supporting.

North Africa Campaign 2021

With our East Africa trip rescheduled due to the pandemic, we moved our focus onto Egypt in North Africa. We committed to distributing Basic Need Bags and Food Supplies to Rural areas down the Nile, reaching those most in need.

Why we are there 

"Egypt attracts visitors from all around the world; however, behind the magnificence of its tourist attractions lies a country in distress. It has a rank of 13th in terms of the global population. Moreover, the growing population is causing a scarcity of resources, leaving nearly 27.8% of Egyptians to live in extreme poverty. Multidimensional Poverty especially poses a threat to Egyptian children by denying them opportunities in the future." 

How is our initiative helping Children from disadvantaged backgrounds in Egypt?

Distributing Basic Needs Packages,

And by Supporting Education.

Please visit The Ubuntu Family Initiative project page for more details on the basic needs distribution. 

East Africa Campaign 2020/22 

Being charitable doesn't need to be complicated; a simple gesture can be meaningful to the receiver. The success of our South East Asia campaign confirmed to us that we were capable of having an impact and gave us the courage to pursue change on the African continent. 


Why we are there 

"In Kenya, 53 per cent of children are multi-dimensionally poor, meaning that they are deprived in more than one area, including lack of access to education, housing, nutrition, water and sanitation. 

Whilst significantly more Kenyans have access to safe drinking water (59 per cent) than to basic sanitation (29 per cent). In Kenya, 9.9 million people drink directly from contaminated surface water sources, and an estimated five million people practice open defecation. Only 25 per cent have hand-washing facilities with soap and water at home.

Safe drinking water, basic sanitation and good hygiene practices are essential for children's survival. Global evidence shows that better water, sanitation, and hygiene could prevent the deaths of 297,000 children aged under five each year globally." Unicef Kenya Country Kit 2020-2022 


"Over the past 30 years, Kenya's wildlife has declined significantly. This is a result of illegal poaching and habitat loss, and degradation. In addition, the growing human population puts pressure on protected areas and wildlife corridors, leading to unsustainable use of natural resources and increased conflict between people and wildlife. Combined with growing impacts from frequent droughts, this has affected livelihoods and increased poverty amongst rural Kenyans reliant on the environment for their wellbeing."

How is our initiative helping with education, water & sanitation and conservation across Kenya?

Providing School supplies and basic needs

whilst Supporting education, 

and water & sanitation work,

Contributing towards keystone species conservation,

And the Protection of extraordinary places.

With our 2020 trip rescheduled due to the Covid pandemic, we continued throughout to support local charities in the hope to advance Water & sanitation, Education and conservation across South-East Africa,

The pandemic allowed us to develop our relationships remotely with specific charities tapping into a wealth of ways by which one may wish to give.

Please visit The Ubuntu Family Initiative project page for more details on the work we accomplished and continue to do with the Better Me Kenya Korando School and the Fundraising for World Wildlife Day for The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

South East Asia Campaign 2019

With a deep desire to help, we set out on the first of our long journeys as a family, something different, something special. It opened us to a whole new world, with a purpose for those far and beyond.

Why we are there 
"Children from disadvantaged backgrounds in Southeast Asia doing worse in primary school than their peers,
1 out of 3 children in Grade 5 is still performing at the level expected in the early years of primary education." Unicef South East Asia Press Release.

How is our initiative helping Children from disadvantaged backgrounds in South East Asia?
Distributing Basic Needs Packages,

and by supporting education whilst helping families in need with food and transportation means. 


We set off across three countries in three weeks on the back of a bus to distribute basic needs bags across South East Asia. In addition, we got involved with local schools to contribute to the education of those most in need across Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand.


Please visit The Ubuntu Family Initiative project page for more details on the basic needs distribution and the work we accomplished and continue to do with the Sambor Village Siem Reap, Elma Trust Primary School. 

For more information about the projects we have accomplished during these campaigns please visit

The Ubuntu Family Initiative.

Our Impact

How do we measure our progress ?

Numbers are an essential component in monitoring and evaluating our efforts. However, numbers, while helpful, provide only a limited picture of how our work positively impacts the lives of those we serve. 

The communities themselves measure our impact as well. Therefore, the Ubuntu Family Initiative actively seeks feedback from the community. This feedback aids in defining the long-term effects of our projects.


Children Inspired 




Children Directly Aided 


 People Served Water 

Wildlife Conservation

Orphan Elephants

6 Adopted +

Walk for Wildlife


Reforestation + Habitat Conservation 

Trees Saplings

250 Planted

+ Tierra Vivas Fundraiser  



Basic Need Bags and Clothing

625+ Bags Distributed

5+ Boxes Delivered  



Online Cooking Class



5 Tutored

PHOTO-2021-11-02-04-20-39 2_edited.jpg


Online Piano Class



5 + 3 Tutored



Online Art Class



175 Tutored 

Child Education and Wildlife
Community Viewing


2 + 1 Wildlife Community school viewing + Watoto Fundraiser 


Libraries and Books 

3 Libraries + 150 Books



School and Art Supplies

5 Schools 



Water Catchment and Fresh Water Spring Protection

8+1 Constructed +

Jai Ma Fundraiser 



Portable Water Filters 




40 Distributed



School Water Filter Dispensers



2 Provided



School Infrastructure

School Garden, School Kitchen, School IT , Carpeting, Storage School Fence.

3 School 

25 july (4)_edited.jpg

Scholars Support




4 Students


Women Empowerment




2 Centres

bd868ab3-48be-485f-b0da-88d06f6328fc 2_edited.jpg


Portable Solar Lights


17 Distributed


Human-Wildlife Conflict

Building Stronger Communities

2  Gifts


Schools and Music


4 Delivered

Stories of Impact 

The charities to whom the Ubuntu Family Initiative contributes share how our work changes lives.

"Your family’s contributions to The Water Project have been greatly appreciated. Thank you for being a monthly supporter and for your individual gifts to help specific communities and schools get reliable and safe water.As Timmy embarks on her college journey in the US, your family is sprouting wings. I have no doubt your investment in the girls’ philanthropic spirits will bear much fruit in the years ahead.Likewise, Olivia’s work with virtual art workshops are heart warming and I’m sure will build a legacy of joy in the lives of those she is able to work with.Thank you again for your visit to our office, It was wonderful to meet you in person!"


The Water Project, Africa

Where We Work

We currently have ongoing projects in East Africa and South-East Asia, South America and expanded our presence into South Asian in April  2023.

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